Empowering African communities to collect weather data

It is our mission to build an entirely community-owned balloon network. We hope to empower African university students to become local climate change leaders.

Three demo launches

4 in Nigeria, 4 in USA

Live data

Weather and payment data available on our blockchain smart contract

Problems & Solutions

Decentralised Weather Data

Unavailable weather and climate data that is decentralised and readily available to end-users in real-time. This affects the ability of local communities to gather data for decision making affecting their economic activities.This makes vulnerable communities and children unable to plan and mitigate adverse weather conditions such as drought, floods, and storms in both the short and long term.

Real-Time Data

We are offering real-time data to emergency service provides, local farmer groups and weather companies to better predict and manage weather conditions

Open Source

Our code is open to the public for further use in deploying similar applications. Community contributions are welcome.


We are using the Telos blockchain smart contracts to process data and payments to communities upon a successful launch.

Community Owned

Communities like universities, farmer-based groups will own and launch the balloons for their local weather data.

Tokenised Rewards

The balloon launcher or “miner” can elect to receive balloon payments in native Telos digital currency or automatically convert to a local currency.

For the Vulnerable

Timely data that makes vulnerable communities and children able to plan and mitigate adverse weather conditions such as drought, floods, and storms in both the short and long term.


West Africa Lacks real-time & historical climate data

Prior efforts to collect weather and air quality data out of West Africa have been largely unsuccessful for these reasons. 

  • Cost of maintaining data collection

  • Lack of regional government understanding and care

  • Decay and apathy of deployed sensors

Our team


The team behind Weather Balloons Project is diverse in terms of expertise and spatial distribution. We are grounded in engineering and entrepreneurship in developing IoT applications. Our common competency is building disruptive and decentralised blockchain application that serve the needs of vulnerable communities. To us, innovation should lead to inclusion and resilience and not exclusion. 

Blaise Bayuo

Biz Dev

Since 2010, Blaise has worked as a technology entrepreneur in Ghana, building software products for different market verticals.  He has worked extensively with different APIs across different verticals, especially in the eCommerce and payment industry.  For the past 4 years, Blaise has carved a niche in building blockchain applications on different blockchain protocols such as BitShares, Telos, Steemit and Whaleshares. 

Nicolas Lopez


Nicolas has an extensive background in weather and software, including a software engineering position at Boeing and an algorithm development position for the GOES-16 weather satellite at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. He has interned and worked with NOAA in the past and has pursued graduate-level study of a global climate model at Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico. He has researched much about the importance of West African weather for global climate.

Emmanuel Patrick


He has a background in Electrical/Electronic Engineering from the University of Uyo, Nigeria. worked as an intern at a local TV broadcasting company called AKBC and Pamosen Engineering, where he got experience in communication Engineering and Hardware engineering. Emmanuel Patrick is also very active in the blockchain sphere since 2017, he is the co-founder and ideator of a blockchain network for Africa and the world called “Telokanda”

As Featured In

West African Program Will Store Weather Data on Telos Blockchain

Telokanda Weather Group to collect and share weather data in West Africa on the Telos blockchain.

A blockchain-based project aims to collect weather data generated in West Africa

The project hopes to motivate citizens to participate in weather data collection

Community Endorsements

We have had support from people within the blockchain community as well as those from academia

This project is inspiring! It provides real benefits that have so far eluded other projects trying to create ongoing weather data for Western Africa. Now, combining so many technologies: blockchain, LoRa radio, 3D printing, SBCs and more, this group is ready to make a real contribution.
Douglas HORN
The members of telosuniclub are really excited to be part of this launch. What really interest me is the part of keeping safety in mind. In engineering slogan, safety comes first and safety always. The attachment of the parachute to the balloon plays relatively big importance in the safety of human lives, property, environment and the reputation of the company.
Blaise Essien
Port Harcourt University